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Pre Register for Otakuthon 2017
Weekend registration allows you to attend all regular events at the convention. Not only is it a cost savings, but attendees who pre-register will avoid having to fill out forms and the long at-door registration line-ups on the day of the convention.

Rates Calendar

June 1 to
July 16
July 17 to
July 28
After July 28 August 3 to
August 6
August 4
August 5
August 6
At the Palais des congrès (at door) $60.00 At the Palais des congrès (at door) $40.00 At the Palais des congrès (at door) $50.00 At the Palais des congrès (at door) $40.00
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Cash, Interac, Credit Card
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Cash, Interac, Credit Card
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* Children aged 11 and under, born after July 31, 2005, will be admitted free of charge but must be accompanied by their parent/guardian (adult 18 years or older) and registered as a group member under their registration. All children of age 11 and under must present a valid ID (ex: birth certificate, health insurance card, passport, etc.) as proof of age.


Register now! T-shirts and concert tickets will be available in limited quantities, so be sure to get them while completing your pre-registration!


Ordering the T-shirt with your pre-registration is the only way to ensure you get one. These souvenir T-shirts will be also sold at the Otakuthon official Merchandise Table, however availability is not guaranteed as there will be limited quantities ordered.

1: $15.00, 2: $25.00, All 3: $30.00

This year Otakuthon is bringing you three exiting concerts; one on each day of the event.

Tickets can be purchased through pre-registration at a price of $15 for 1 concert, $25 for 2 concerts or $30 for all 3 concerts. Secure your concert tickets through pre-registration while space is still available!

IA's Party a GO-GO Concert

From the producers of Vocaloid Artist IA, Otakuthon is proud to present Party a GO-GO. This is IA's solo concert, which she is performing around the world. It is a unique show where band, dancers, featured guests and technology come together and was presented for the first time on the stage of Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo.

IA's Party a GO-GO will come for the first time ever to Canada on Friday August 4 at 8:00pm in Main Events 210ag.


Otakuthon is proud to present the first concert of MAN WITH A MISSION in Quebec. This popular band performed various anime songs, including the opening themes of Log Horizon and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Their concert will be held on Saturday August 5 at 1:30pm in Main Events 210ag.

A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY Concert

Are you a fan of FINAL FANTASY? A new concert featuring the soundtrack from this popular game, A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY will be at Otakuthon, lead by its own conductor and arranger, Eric Roth.

Two sessions are available on Sunday August 6: 12:30pm or 3:00pm. Both will be held in Events 710.